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JNY Bakery and Catering Company

Jnybakery was formed originally as a legacy to our children. Having children and realizing that we could not find good quality products in the marketplace, we decided to create our own quality products. A good healthy, amazingly great and good tasting baked goods.

We started with baking whole wheat loaves of bread, cinnamon swirl breads, and very berry muffins. Then we created our Signature cinnamon rolls, Supreme oatmeal cookies and more.

JNY bakery includes catering. We are personal bakers. We bake for the Stars, YOU. We will come to your home weekly and bake up all your breads and pastries.

We are all about serving the community.
Our products are the best that money can by. We purchase from local farmers. Our flour comes from a farm in G.A. our brown eggs, milk and butter are local. (As much as possible)

We also are starting to teach bread baking classes and bread baking parties. For both you have to have a min. of 4 people to attend. Details upon request.
Just Naturally Yummy Bakery and Catering company is a family company. Our children are very active in our business also and one has already started her own business. Little Ol' cupcake business.

Thank you for supporting our company.
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